Endurance training in 10 minutes

There are numerous books and articles about endurance training. Very fast they go into details and keep you wondering, what is really important and what is just a cherry on

Where to ride in Provence?

I’ve just returned from Provence and I can confirm that the area qualifies as bikers’ paradise. I am going to give you some ideas, where you might put your fitness

Would you pay 35 EUR for a MTB ride?

Yesterday I went for a MTB ride. It’s winter and I decided to ride in the coastal region due to warmer temperatures. The starting point was about 110 km from

Most beautiful ROAD bike routes in Slovenia

I like to preview the tracks offline. If you do too, give GPXSee a try. It’s not our software, but it’s great anyway,

How’s Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 for your XC MTB rides?

How will you use an action cam? Before you start reading this review, you should consider how you’re planing to use the action cam. Will you use it while mountain biking?

Most beautiful XC(M) MTB trails in Slovenia

Slovenia is a MTB paradise, which has not yet been discovered by the masses. But, this information is useless if you don’t know where to ride. To help you out,

Stop grinding. Start exploring.

Our time on Earth is limited. It is a harsh truth and we have to make our time on Earth count. I agree with Viktor E. Frankl who claimed that

Practical application of the Fitness & Freshness chart in training

You’ve become a Strava premium subscriber and you’ve come across the Fitness & Freshness chart (the FF chart). It’s a fancy chart, but you’re confused as to what the chart

Tips to explore new bike trails

In April 2016 my friend Vital created a GPS route which lead us through the north-western slopes of Nanos, Slovenia and the nearby Trnovski forest. A large portion of the