By reading this blog you might have noticed that most of the articles are written in form of commandments. The reason is not that I am the authority in any of the given fields but the fact that I am primarily writing this blog to myself. First, it’s easier for me to put things “on paper” than keep them in my head. This way I make sure I don’t forget the things I’ve read or figured out. And it helps me follow the lessons learned. Otherwise I go by the name Marko and I’ve been an endurance athlete for my whole life. Highlights of my sports “career” include completing the Transalp, Transpyr, Ironman Klagenfurt and Maastricht, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and running marathons in Berlin, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Paris. I like racing and I love exploring. I use every race to travel to different countries, ride new trails and run different courses. I hope this blog helps you reach your goals faster or at least make for some entertaining reading. Never settle and keep exploring! Marko

Written by marko