Most beautiful XC(M) MTB trails in Slovenia

Slovenia is a MTB paradise, which has not yet been discovered by the masses. But, this information is useless if you don’t know where to ride. To help you out, I’ve begun compiling a list of the most beautiful XC MTB rides in Slovenia. Because you’ll probably only spend a few days riding in Slovenia, I’ve also come up with a list of TOP 5 and TOP 10 rides. I hope the list will help keep your legs busy for quite some days.

Please note the following:

  • the TOP5 and TOP10 lists are most strongly impacted by the views the ride offers and the downhill quality (the more technical the better),
  • every route is a round-trip. Start location is also a place, where you can park your car. Please note that conditions change and that it might not be anymore allowed to park the car where I parked it. Watch the signs to avoid fines!,
  • net ride times are my actual ride times for the whole trip (ascent and descent). I am in good physical shape (for those with power-meters: I maintain an FTP of 4,2W/kg year-round), so adjust your estimated ride times accordingly (for better or worse). Note that net ride time does not include breaks to enjoy the views or eat a snack,
  • the routes almost without exception require great bike handling skills and a good physical shape!,
  • some trails start (and end) in Italy, Austria or Croatia due to their proximity to Slovenia. I’ve included those because it would be a sin not to include them 🙂
  • if you’d like to create a custom route, I recommend you use Canopy (yep, it’s my app 🙂 )
  • like to preview the tracks offline. If you do too, give GPXSee a try. It’s not our piece software, but it’s great anyway,
  • feel free to contact me at: marko[at], if you have any questions (best location of accommodation, guides or guided tours etc.). I am not a bike guide and I don’t have a place to rent, but I can give you some recommendations so that you’ll have an unforgettable experience.
Start/End locationNameDistance (in km)Ascent (in m)Net ride timeVideo recapClick to download GPX
Ugovizza (Ukve) (Italy)Zahomška planina (TOP 5)3618003.5hYouTubegpx
TrentaStaro utro (TOP 5)1711002hYouTubegpx
Laghi di Fusine (Italy)Rifuggio Zacchi114701hYouTubegpx
SočaPlanina v Plazeh2811002hYouTubegpx
DovjeDovška baba (TOP 5)1910802hYouTubegpx
PodnanosNanos Var 14213003hYouTubegpx
RazdrtoNanos Var 2 (TOP 10)3815003hYouTubegpx
Dordolla (Italy)Cjasut dal Scior (TOP 5)2015002.5hYouTubegpx
TržičKofce (TOP 10)2310502hYouTubegpx
ŽagaKobariški stol (northern option) (TOP 5)2212002.5hYouTubegpx
Ajdovščina (izvir Hublja)Wajdušna Var13014002.5hYouTubegpx
AjdovščinaWajdušna Var2 (TOP 10)3315002.5hExtras to Var1 video above: YouTubegpx
OspTinjan and Socerb3012002hYouTubegpx
VipavaVipava valley XC marathon6718504.5hgpx
SežanaStone Lust9114504.5hOops! Accidentally deleted. gpx
VrtojbaKras (from Vrtojba)6213003.5hgpx
SocerbKraški rob (TOP 10)5619004.5hYouTubegpx
KozinaXCM Slavnik - middle distance5013003hYouTubegpx

Written by marko